"To Promote Conservation of Natural Resources through Education, Technical Assistance, & Stewardship."

Pipestone County NRCS Staff

Randy Sheik - Soil Conservationist

​NRCS Phone: 507-825-5478

Pipestone County SWCD & Zoning Staff

Kyle Krier - Administrator

Melissa Rosendahl - Administrative Assistant

Lance Wheeler - SWCD Conservationist

Nicole Schwebach - Farm Bill Technician

Laura DeBeer - Water Resources Technician

Trevor Erickson - HHW Staff / Sign Technician

Danielle Evers - MAWQCP Specialist

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Pipestone County
Conservation & Zoning Office

119 2nd Ave. S.W.

Suite #13

Pipestone, MN 56164

Phone: 507-825-1185

Fax: 507-825-6782

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Pipestone County Conservation & Zoning

119 2nd Ave. S.W. Suite #13

Pipestone, MN 56164


8:00am to 4:30pm  Monday - Friday

Phone: 507-825-1185

Fax: 507-825-6782

Questions or Concerns? 

Front (L to R) Laura DeBeer, Danielle Evers, Melissa Rosendahl

Back (L to R) Kyle Krier, Nicole Schwebach, Lance Wheeler, Randy Sheik

Pipestone County
Recycling & HHW Center

718 4th St. N.W.

Pipestone, MN 56164

Phone: 507-825-1186 

Phone: 507-825-1185

Fax: 507-825-6782