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BWSR is the state soil and water conservation agency, and it administers programs that prevent sediment and nutrients from entering our lakes, rivers, and streams; enhance fish and wildlife habitat; and protect wetlands. The 20-member board consists of representatives of local and state government agencies and citizens.

The Natural Resources Block Grant  (NRBG) is administered by BWSR. 

The Natural Resources Block Grant is a composite of base grants available to local government units that help them implement programs designed to protect and improve water resources. Individual programs under this grant include:

  • Comprehensive Local Water Management
  • Wetland Conservation Act
  • DNR - Shore land Management
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - Feedlot Permit Program
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency - Septic System Program

In 2008, the people of Minnesota voted to pass the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.  The Legacy Amendment is both the largest state conservation measure and the largest state arts funding measure in U.S. history. It only happened because Minnesotans, even during a recession and economic crisis, voted to raise their own taxes to protect the things that make our state unique and special.

Prior to 2008, conservation funding in Minnesota was at a 30-year low.  In the ten years since the Amendment was passed, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in Minnesota’s future through cultural and environmental programs and projects.

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"To Promote Conservation of Natural Resources through Education, Technical Assistance, & Stewardship."


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