"To Promote Conservation of Natural Resources through Education, Technical Assistance, & Stewardship."


Pipestone County Conservation & Zoning

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Missouri River Watershed Survey

The Pipestone Conservation and Zoning Office was created by the merger of the Pipestone Soil and Water Conservation District and Pipestone County Zoning & Environmental Office. The Conservation & Zoning office is overseen by both the SWCD Board of Supervisors and the County Commissioners and works jointly with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to install conservation practices and provide technical assistance to producers who are willing to improve their operations and the land by eliminating pollution and runoff concerns.






  • Environmental Education
  • Landowner Technical Assistance
  • Wetland Conservation Act
  • Tree Program
  • No-Till Seeding Program
  • Feedlot
  • Septic
  • Recycling & Solid Waste
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Weed Inspecting

Our Programs:

The passage of Minnesota's Clean Water Legacy Act in 2006 provided a policy framework and money for state and local governments to accelerate efforts to monitor, assess and restore impaired waters and to protect unimpaired waters.  In 2011 the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and local partner organizations in the Missouri River Basin started the Watershed Approach.   The intent of the approach is to develop a Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies Report (WRAPS) for the Missouri River Basin which will be used by state, county and local agencies for implementation, program development and local water planning activities watershed wide. 

A key component to the WRAPS  Report is to gather public input through a water quality survey.   This is intended to address the concerns and suggestions of watershed landowners, residents, agricultural producers, local officials, sportsman's groups and anyone interested in improving water resources.   Below is a link to an on-line survey for the Missouri River Basin.   Please take a few moments to fill it out and if you are interested in serving on a local work group please include your name or contact  your local SWCD.    


For information regarding data that has been collected thus far please click the link below for the Nobles SWCD.

Missouri River Project Data and Project Details 

Lots of Discussion in the State of Minnesota has been revolving around Buffers to improve Water Quality within the State. If you are interested in learning more Contact our office or click on the link below.

Looking for the latest News in Conservation, Check Here. Each year we Distribute Bi-Annual Newsletters to Rural Residents. Every Issue has detailed information on State and Federal Programs as well as information on the Latest Farming Practices.

This year Corey Van Stelten and his Family were chosen by the SWCD Board for the Conservation Farmer of the year Award.  Corey is always ahead of the Farming trends and is very involved with Cover Crops and No-till Farming.

We work together to Put Conservation Practices on the Ground by utilizing State Funds and working Directly with Local Producers / Landowners and  Area Engineers.